Collection: Classic mixtures

Under the name 'classic mixtures' we offer you authentic spice and herb mixtures. The traditionals shichimi, ras el hanout, berbere and baharat kicked off, followed by adviehs and masalas. For our blends, we look for grinds that best approach the authentic taste. Of course we do not ignore the origin of the spices, after all, making a tasteful, also responsible blend is more than mixing.

Berbere and Ras-el-hanout are examples of blends that we offer to begin with in the more familiar basic version. Beautiful full flavors, complex, but not too pronounced. Try combining berbere with a touch of tena-adam, a fruity, bitter accent that is much appreciated in Ethiopia, but has proven to be a bit too pronounced for Western tastes. Feel free to try it.

Our ras-el-hanout is used in stews that also contain sweet elements, as is the case in many tajines, as advieh khoresht is used in khoresht, the collective name for Persian stews, evceneen often containing fruits, but in the sour spectrum, such as unripe grapes, unripe plums or . . . rhubarb.

The two pieces of advice are perhaps less well known, but they certainly belong to the mixtures that you would not want to miss in your kitchen, once you have become acquainted with them. Beautiful mixtures, with a different field of application. Advieh khoresht is most similar to the much more famous masala. We have these in three variations: garam masala, Punjabi masala and Kashmiri masala. The latter two come from the north of India, both contain chili pepper, in the Punjabi it is the spicy teja chili, in the Kashmiri the much milder Kashmir chili. Recommended !