Collection: botanicals

What could be better than giving your drink or cocktail your own touch with your spice selection. In addition to the regular choice - allspice - cinnamon and green cardamom - we offer a variety of spices that provide a unique and unexpected result. Like the Tena'adam (passion fruit pepper) or the Siltimur (cedar), but now also the Bucay, the champion among black peppers in terms of smokiness. Delicious in gin, just like both of our cubebs.

Gin and tonic for example

Try some rosemary, juniper of course, or some mbongo- seed instead of a sprig of sereh, alone or three!

And what about pink peppercorns with a sprig of fresh mint? Green cardamom with some wild thyme, or a sprig of fresh lemon thyme best to squeeze. An unusual tip perhaps, but let the spices absorb moisture in a little bit of gin, and bruise a few of them after a few minutes. Add the spiced gin to the glass. .


A citrus accent is very nice in your vodka. Try a citrus pepper like timur, lai chau, andaliman or sansho. Plenty of choice.

"Tasmanian gin"

A few Tasmanian peppers in your gin is magic. The berries give off a great taste and an enchanting color.