Collection: Anacardiaceae (cashew family)

This plant family - also called the wig tree family, mainly grows in tropical and subtropical areas. Most species originate from tropical America, Africa and India and India, a few species, such as the pistachio from southern Europe.

The plant species important for our diet include the fruit-bearing Anacardium occidentale (cashew,)Mangifera indica (mango) and Schinus (pink pepperberry), and the Pistacia lentiscus, from which the fragrant resin (mastic) is tapped.

We sell one of the two types of 'pepperberry' from this family, the Brazilian pink pepperberry, and are highly recommended as a reliable producer of the 'Peruvian pink pepperberry' (Schinus molle), which, despite intensive research, we so far have not been able to find.

Update: As of March 2023, we have stopped selling chios mastiha, forced to do so by declining interest. With pain in the heart, it is and remains a fantastic product.