Want to become a business customer?

Do you want a business account? Request this via our contact form stating your company details (company name, Chamber of Commerce registration, VAT number) and accompanied by a concise description of your company. You can also call !

The minimum order amount for the first order is €150.00. For our foreign clients from the EU, VAT reverse charge is only possible with a business account.

Business customers benefit from lower prices for our bulk packages (depending on the specific weight of the spice), from 150 grams.

We supply to end users (only spices in bags) and retailers (only spices in glass). Repackaging and/or relabeling is not permitted. We reserve the right to refuse your request without stating reasons. Upon acceptance you will receive our General Terms and Conditions and the current price list.

We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.


Voulez-vous un compte professionnel ? Requirements via our contact form, and individual coordonnées for your business (nom de l'entreprise, immatriculation à la chambre de commerce, numéro of TVA) and accompanying description of your business. Before the start of the season, the minimum price for the premiere is €150.00. With the help of clients who are interested in the EU, the auto-liquidation of the TVA is not possible for a complete profession. de l'épice), à ​​partir de 150 grammes.

Nus fournissons les utilisateurs finaux (uniquement les épices en sacs) et les détaillants (uniquement les épices en versa). The reconditioning and/or the ré-étiquetage are not yet authorized. Nous nous réservons le droit de refuser votre demande sans en donner les raisons. After acceptance, please accept the conditions general and the list of prizes.

New information about the possibilities.

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