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For depeperwinkel, quality comes first, also when it comes to service. Our customers appreciate this very much, which is evident from the many positive reviews we receive in which this is mentioned.

And do you have any questions? We are always there for you - also with no-obligation advice.

Our real peppers

In common parlance, 'pepper' is usually understood to mean either black pepper... 

Nu in de spotlights

De kardenoms in ons assortiment, waaronder de groene bold uit Guatemala. Andere soorten zijn de peperige Afrikaanse mbongo en paradijsgraan, korarima, de witte kardemom uit China en de violette (grote) kardemom uit Nepal.

Spice and pepper mills

Our spice and pepper mills

Depeperwinkel supplies the best spice mills - suitable for pepper, but also... 

Culinary traditions

Our spices are sustainably produced, organically grown or collected responsibly (wild picking). Our range gives you an insight into the culinary wealth of our world.

We choose our products for you with care, always looking for new gems, new flavors, new stories. Our slogan "mastering flavors" speaks for itself. Are you experimenting? On a journey of discovery through many cultures?

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  • de Crushgrind-Vaasa serie

    What makes our Crushgrinds so special?

    Crushgrind spice grinders are equipped with a superior ceramic grinding mechanism, and the housing is made of a biocomposite of certified softwood.

    Our crush gravel mills 
  • From Elst, with love!

    Every order - small or large - is equally dear to us. As soon as an order comes in, we start working on it. Yourself. We make every order tailor-made and completely in-house.

  • Our market stall

    Our market season has come to an end. We will be going out again in the spring, as it currently looks like only at the Amsterdam Pure market(s). 
  • Carrier change?

    We have done all our shipments via DHL for years. We are currently considering whether we should do this wisely, as many packages take a long time to arrive or even get lost. From February 1, we will ship with PostNL.

    on a trial basis