Shipping rates

We ship our products with DHL to your address (may be different from the billing address) or to the nearest DHL service point. The choice is yours.

Your address is in the Netherlands

Shipping is free when your order amount is €30.00 or more.

We ask for a reasonable contribution to the costs of handling and transport for our orders. For orders under €10.00, this contribution is €4.95, above €3.45 (order amount up to €30.00). If you choose delivery via a DHL service point - where you collect the package yourself - instead of delivery to your home address, we will apply a friendly discount to the contribution.

For urgent shipments, please contact us in advance.

order amount from   to  delivery 'home' DHL service point
€0.00 €10.00 €4.95 €4.25
€10.00 €30.00 €3.45 €2.75
€30.00 free free


Your address is outside the Netherlands

The shipping costs abroad are considerably higher than the domestic rates. Europe is divided into tariff zones with different tariffs. We deliver within the so-called Eurozones 1 and 2.

For the countries in Eurozone 1 (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy and Sweden) we ask for a contribution to the shipping costs which is based on the order amount, just like for shipping within the Netherlands.

For the countries in Eurozone 2 (Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Norway and Slovenia) we use the total weight of the order (including packaging) as a criterion. For this zone, we do not differentiate between home delivery or service and do not offer a free shipping rate.

Eurozone 1
order amount
order amount
delivery 'home'  service point
€0.00 €10.00 €9.45 n/a
€10.00 €30.00 €6.95 n/a
€30.00 €60.00 €4.95 n/a
€60.00   free


Eurozone 2
order amount
order amount
delivery 'home'  service point
- 10 kilograms €17.50 n/a
10 kilograms 20 kilograms €14.00 n/a


Shipments outside these European zones and outside Europe

We are currently unable to accept orders from regions other than the aforementioned regions, but we are working hard to soon be able to accept orders from other countries, such as orders from the United States. Feel free to ask !

For more details, please see this page (shipping rates regarding other Schengen countries, EU countries outside the Schengen zone and countries outside the EU)


updated January 4, 2024

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