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The grinding mechanism of CrushGrind®  is a unique system with a ceramic element with which spices, herbs and also herb and spice mixtures can be ground. When using the CrushGrind® mechanism, the taste or aroma of a product is not affected by, for example, oxidation. The ceramic mechanism is not only ideal for grinding pepper, but also coarse salt. The finer your grind of salt, the less of it you will use!

The CrushGrind® is fully adjustable. When you switch from one product to another, you can easily clean the grinding system . You put some salt in the mill and grind it. Then take the sharpening stone out of the grinder and rinse it under the tap with cold or warm water.

Why CrushGrind®?

The core of CrushGrind® is hi-tech ceramic (pure natural material), which is ideal for processing all types of food. It is more resistant and harder than steel. CrushGrind® therefore offers incomparable performance and precision!

The Danish company IDEAS Denmark was the first to develop a ceramic grinding mechanism for grinding spices. IDEAS now has enormous experience in this field and has already sold more than 30 million units. Development of the CrushGrind® grinding mechanism began in 1992 and CrushGrind® was introduced in 1994 .

The manufacturer gives a 25-year warranty on all ceramic parts. The mechanism has been extensively tested, and proved to be good for a lifespan of up to 200 years in domestic use, based on grinding no less than 50 kg of pepper and 50 kg of salt !