Collection: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country with a varied topography and a broad spectrum of habitats with a large number of endemic plants and animals. The country has about 6000 higher plant species of which about 10% are indigenous. Ethiopia is home to two of the 34 globally recognized biodiversity hotspots.

The people of Ethiopia - in many parts of the country - are familiar with this wealth and have a great deal of knowledge about the wild edible plants. In some parts of the country, these plants are even indispensable in the daily diet, such as the Konsos in the south of the country, not only in times of crisis.

In addition to the many nutritious plants that the country has, it also has plants that enrich the kitchen in a different way: herbs and spices. One of these is the winter rue (Ruta chalepensis) with its unique passion fruit aroma, another is korarima, one of the cardamom varieties in our shop.