Collection: Europe

Europe is not exactly a spice continent, in the sense that many spices grow or are cultivated there. But Europe has held a key position in global trade for centuries. The colonial powers - the Netherlands and Great Britain, Spain and Portugal - amassed great wealth through the trade of spices from distant, tropical regions. Italy also benefited from this, with Venice at the heart of the spice trade in the 15th century.

Spain, Italy, France and Hungary are four European countries with a rich tradition of growing chili peppers, the seasoning of the New world. There is a trend to grow other exotic spices in Europe; vanilla is a recent example of this. Is that a good development or not?

In Poland, a tradition is converted into a business model with the wild harvest of juniper. A knife that cuts both ways: preserving traditions, preserving and maintaining juniper and a tasteful, honest product. A discovery!