Markets 2024

We will be back at the Amsterdam Pure markets in Park Frankendael and Amstelpark in 2024, and possibly also in the Amsterdamse Bos - dates are not yet known.

Unique locations, each with its own market atmosphere, among other entrepreneurs who offer their pure products. The final calendar for 2024 is:

  • April 14 Amstelpark - Amsterdam
  • April 28 Park Frankendael - Amsterdam
  • 2 May Amstelpark - Amsterdam
  • May 19 Amsterdamse Bos - Amsterdam
  • 26 May Park Frankendael - Amsterdam
  • 9 June Amstelpark - Amsterdam
  • 23 June Amsterdamse Bos
  • June 30 Park Frankendael - Amsterdam
  • 14 July Amstelpark - Amsterdam
  • July 28 Park Frankendael - Amsterdam
  • 11 August Amstelpark - Amsterdam
  • 25 August Park Frankendael - Amsterdam
  • 29 September Park Frankendael - Amsterdam

All markets. start at 11:00 am and close at 6:00 pm. In practice, this means that the stalls are dismantled around 5:30 PM, so be on time!

We will also have a holiday closure in 2024, just like in previous years. The online store will also be closed. In June, for example, for a short Spanish adventure. At a later stage we will communicate the holiday closure(s) with you via the homepage of this site.

Our products on the stall

We only have spices in the stall in jars with us, in addition to gift sets, grinders and test tubes. If you do not want to fish behind the net, as the stock in the stall is limited, please ask us by email to hold the product you want. We like to do that. We can also take a different packaging/quantity (in bags or bags) for you. With pleasure.