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Punjabi masala

Punjabi masala

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Punjabi masala is the masala of the Punjab region, in the northwest of India, south of Kashmir in the far north. It is a 'warm' masala, which although not generally spicy, is often enriched with mustard (seed) and a fiery guntur chili, in our case with a chili of the teja variety.

This chilli, Capsicum annuum var punjab tej, is grown in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. It is an aromatic and pungent chili pepper, containing 1.3% capsaicin, and has a Scoville score of 50,000 to 170,000 SHU.

Punjabi cuisine is a cuisine specific to the Punjab, which lies on both sides of the border with Pakistan. Punjab is known for its tandoori and Basmati rice. The taste palette is buttery, because the Punjabi - mainly farmers - are fond of milk, buttermilk and ghee. Famous is Sarson ka saag, a vegetarian dish of leafy vegetables, mainly mustard leaves (saag), but also the leaves of the goose foot, spinach, radish or fenugreek, served with butter and a large glass of buttermilk!

Smell and taste

Punjabi masala is warm and spicy and quite 'hot' compared to garam masala. Dishes in which it is used are paneer lababdar (cheese with cream and cashew nuts), bhindi masala (okra with onion and garlic), rajma masala (red kidney beans with tomato, ghee and cream), lauki kofta (pumpkin meatballs in a creamy tomato sauce with cashew nuts). and chicken tikka masala (chicken in a creamy yogurt-tomato sauce) or paneer tikka masala, the vegetarian variant with fried cheese instead of chicken.


  • traditional recipe: coriander seeds (dhania), cumin jeera), black pepper (kalimirchi), cinnamon (tuj), black and green cardamom (elaichi), ginger (adarak), garlic, punjabi teja chili, turmeric (avatee), bay leaf (tej patta), fenugreek leaf (methee ka patta)
  • origin: Punjab / Haryana

Allergen information

  • this masala has been carefully formulated in the United Kingdom
  • the mixture may contain traces of celery and mustard


  • available in glass and stand-up pouch (no test tubes)
  • glass jar contains 60 grams
  • stand-up pouches with a capacity of up to 30 to 500 grams
  • larger quantities on request

General advice

  • store masala in a dark, dry and cool place


  • store your masala in closed packaging
  • preferably store in a dark, dry and cool place
  • best before November 2025 (11/25)
  • this expiration date is an indication
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