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To run a store as specialized as ours professionally, you have to be enthusiastic. Why ? Because you choose to want to sell products that are relatively unknown in a market that is dictated by price and not determined by quality. That's how it is. For a few euros you can buy a ready-to-use (disposable) pepper mill with pepper grains in any store.

This wrong no-nonsense thought is unfortunately not reserved for pepper. Misled by the seductive image of the Moroccan soukh, where spices are piled high and spread their tangle of scents, you can now see the emergence of ready-to-serve spices in markets. Where they come from, how they have been treated, how fresh they are, the consumer does not seem to be interested. Does he even know how a specific spice should smell and taste?

Perhaps naive, but with our Peperwinkel we hope to guide consumers on our own journey through spice country. We are not afraid to invest a lot of time in it, both with the explanation on the site and with our tastings.

An important topic in our store is sustainability. That is more than just the production method. Sustainability is also  with respect for biodiversity. Our passion is rooted in this, the realization that the earth does not benefit from mono-cultures, and neither do we - consumers. Mono-cultures are a direct threat to food security - see the diseases among olive trees in Italy and banana trees around the world - and push us more and more in a direction we should not want, the plant as a universal industrial semi-product.

What could be more beautiful than plant varieties that thrive in their natural habitat, with cultivation specific to a culture, anchored in the living and eating habits of a community? We want to convey that message, hence our unusual, wide range. The price is the consequence of what it costs to produce or gather a spice in that way. In stark contrast to the industrially produced spices. Taste and smell the difference yourself!

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