Shipping Rates - cont

We ship our products from the webshop to all countries within the European Union. If you live outside the EU, please inquire about the options.

Please note that the shipping options available to you are limited. For example, it is not possible to send a package to a foreign Service Point or (Germany) Packstation. Unfortunately !

Your address is elsewhere

Unfortunately, due to the limitation of the shipping module of the online store, we cannot accept orders from other countries. If you live outside the EU and would like to place an order, please ask us for an offer. If there are no import restrictions and we can send you the order without administrative complications, we will make you an offer without obligation.

It is up to you to respond to this or not, you have not placed an order with your request. After your approval of the pro forma invoice, we offer you our convenient payment options. Once your payment has been received, the purchase is complete and we will arrange shipping within two working days. We will keep you informed of the shipment via track-and-trace.

To give you an impression of the shipping costs, a shipment with a volume of 10,000 cm3 from our warehouse to the United States will amount to approximately € 25.00, in this case based on UPS shipping rates.

How ?

You can please us and yourself by creating a shopping cart and taking a screenshot of the shopping cart, but don't hesitate to just send us your wish list. And if you are unsure or have any doubts, we are happy to help you via our chat or email.

updated on July 9, 2023

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