Collection: Advice

Advieh is the Persian garam masala. The comparison with Indian blend is not accidental - the word garam is derived from Persian, where garam means "hot" and maςaleh "ingredients". It is a misconception that "garam" means hot, as in sharp or spicy. It means hot, in a metabolic sense of the word. That is why you can find cloves and nutmeg in many masala and advieh mixtures. forms of classical Persian cuisine. Similar herbal mixtures can be found in the Middle East and Asia Minor, under the name baharat.

The recipe of advieh dates back to the sixteenth century, when it was made to improve the medicinal quality of food (advieh means 'medicine') and give it color. The mixture consisted of pepper, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The recipe differs from person to person, from region to region and from occasion to occasion, varying mainly with smell and taste, to a much lesser extent with sharpness. Even when a very simple compound mixture or just a single bay leaf or some coriander is used, it is still called advieh.

The advieh in the Gulf of Persia is by definition mild, similar to garam masala, which with the trade relationship between the Persian ports and the Indian continent. In the south of Iran, the advieh is more related to curries, except that hot chili peppers, ginger and garlic are missing here.

We offer two types of advieh:

  • advieh berenj (rice advieh) and
  • advieh khoresht , especially used in stews.