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CrushGrind© Billund - lime

CrushGrind© Billund - lime

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The Crushgrind© Billund is a sustainable spice grinder, made of biocomposite material, with a ceramic grinding element, very suitable as a pepper mill.

The design is by Sam(uel) Murley of the Danish concept developer Ideas. The Billund is the latest member of the Danish brand's range, available in three color options: lime, pepper and masala.

The handy, twelve centimeter high Billund is, just like the Kalas from our range, an 'inverted mill'. The mill is positioned with the grinding mechanism facing upwards, so that you do not spill any grinding on the worktop or tablecloth. It is intended for commercial and domestic use. A versatile grinder, because you can use it not only for pepper, but also for a large number of spices, and dried herbs, so you can freshly make your own spice mixtures.

The grinding mechanism consists of a rotating ceramic element developed by Ken Muff Larsen in the early 1990s. CrushGrind® is the patent holder of the ceramic grinding system, which is also used by many other major brands. The Billund is produced in Europe.

How the CrushGrind® Billund works

To fill the grinder, remove the silicone cap at the bottom of the grinder. You can adjust the fineness of the grind by turning the wheel, clockwise for a finer setting, counterclockwise for a coarser one.

To grind, make a rotating motion with the top part. You can suffice with a short stroke, a movement back and forth.


If you want to change spices, grind some coarse (sea) salt to clean the ceramic part. When you loosen the wheel that determines the grind, the grinding mechanism is released if you want to clean it.

Preferably do this with a hard, dry brush, you can even clean it with water. Before you do that, read the instructions for use on the CrushGrind site. Make sure that the mechanism is completely dry when you use the mill again! The drying time is at least 24 hours.

English manual CrushGrind©


The Billund is visibly inspired by the Lego mini figures, the name is taken from the place where the official Lego park is located, the Danish Billund.

The playful design is made with a biocomposite material with cellulose fibers from certified wood - mainly coniferous trees - that is felled from sustainably managed forests. It has a low CO2 footprint, unlike biomaterials made from edible crops. The biocomposite used for the Billund does not compete with the food production chain.

The biocomposite is based on almost 100% renewable materials with two main components:

  • cellulose fibers,
  • liquid rosin (called tall oil), a residue from pulp production


Crushgrind© gives you a 25-year warranty on the ceramic element.


The mill is supplied in a cardboard box with a printed wrapper.

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