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Cubeb pepper (tail pepper)

Cubeb pepper (tail pepper)

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The Indonesian cubeb is called the 'real cubeb' and comes from the island of Java. It is called a tail or stem pepper because of the 'tail' on the pepper. Cubeb pepper is spicy, with a slightly bitter undertone, and is not as sharp as black pepper.

The cubeb pepper occurs naturally in humid tropical forests and mangrove forests. Originally from Java, but now also grown on the island of Sumatra, and outside Indonesia in Sri Lanka, India, Sierra Leone and Congo.

Cubeb pepper has traditionally been used in Arabic cuisine, which is why it sometimes appears in Ras-el-hanout. In the Middle Ages, the cubeb pepper was a popular but exclusive spice in Europe. In the 17th century, the use of cubeb in European cuisine came to an end, possibly because the Chinese used it to exorcise demons, but more likely because of the strong emergence of other peppers.

The name cubeb is derived from the Javanese kukumus, a word that was already used in Greek in the 4th century as 'kokamon' and shows that trade with the Javanese took place early on, because only there did the Piper come cuceba at that time.

The dried fruits are gray-brown and have a pleasant aroma. They are not so sharp, and have a warm aroma in which you recognize allspice and nutmeg.

The 'tail' is an unusual outgrowth of the pericarp that looks like a stem or twig, but is not. When the fruits are fully grown, but still green and unripe, they are picked with the tail and all, hence the name tail pepper.

Taste and smell

Cubeb pepper is a real pepper, but clearly differs from a black pepper in taste and spiciness. The sharpness is less in any case, but in addition to the camphorous pepper flavor, you can clearly taste nutmeg in cubeb pepper. In addition, cubeb pepper has a slightly bitter undertone, unlike the African cubeb pepper or ashanti pepper (Piper guineense).


In Indonesian cuisine, with meat and vegetables, possibly as a substitute for allspice (and nutmeg), for example in sausages. The cubeb comes into its own when it cooks for a little longer, such as in stews and soup. Cubeb is also used in gingerbread nuts, although for this purpose - as in other sweet dishes - the less bitter African cubeb is preferred. Cubeb is used, among other things, in gin. 

Cubeb, like black pepper, is used whole, bruised or ground, always including the tails.


  • 100% pepper berries from the Piper cubeba
  • origin: Java, Indonesia


  • available in stand-up pouch, glass and test tube
  • stand-up pouches contain 30, 45, 60, 250 and 500 grams respectively
  • test tubes 10 ml
  • glass jar contains 45 grams

Gift packaging

  • the jar is available in a tasteful gift packaging, consisting of a cube box filled with black tissue paper
  • for an overview of our gift packaging, please refer to the section  gift packaging 

General advice

  • grind your cubeb pepper shortly before use
  • add the ground pepper to your preparation at the very last minute
  • store pepper in a dark, dry and cool place
  • best before June 2026 (06-2026)
  • the expiration date is an indication

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