Collection: Kashmir

Kashmir - actually Jammu and Kashmir -  is the northernmost province of India, a mountainous region on the Indian subcontinent. Since the outbreak of the First Indo-Pakistani War in 1947, predominantly Muslim Kashmir has been de facto divided between India, Pakistan and China. Pakistan administers the territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltista, China administers the Aksai Chin region and the Shaksgam Valley. India continues to claim all of historic Kashmir.

The Kashmir conflict, in which the armies of the three countries face each other, has been dragging on since 1947, but has intensified under the leadership of Nanenda Modi, who previously played a controversial role as Prime Minister of Gujarat in the riots in 2002, where an estimated 1,000 Muslims were killed in three weeks. Modi is accused of having done nothing to prevent Hindu aggression against Muslims. History is now repeating itself in Kashmir, with Modi in the role of Prime Minister of India. Meanwhile, separatist movements are calling for the restoration of Kashmir's independence.

Kashmir is rich in water, Ka means 'water' and Shimir means 'drying', Kashmir would therefore mean "dried up water", comparable to the term "reclaimed land" in our country. Access to water is essential for agriculture and the food situation in Kashmir in general. Fish belongs to Kashmir, not only freshly caught from the mere, rivers and streams, but also from the world's largest trout farms.