Collection: Piper guinea

This type of pepper is known under various names: (African) cubeb pepper, gorilla pepper, and - under this name we sell it - Ashanti pepper. Great confusion is created on the internet by confusing this real pepper with paradise grain, also called Guinea pepper, but not real pepper. Paradise grain is a gingerish one.

What's in a name? Piper guineense is a pepper of the tail pepper type, that tail is inextricably linked to the skin of the berry. This is also the case with Voatsiperifery and the Indonesian cubeb pepper (Piper cubeba), which is considered the real cubeb. In practice, the African cubeb is often neglected by using cubeb in African spice mixtures, but then the Indonesian one. There are reasons for this other than taste-technical ones. African cubeb and Indonesian cubeb, they have the tail in common, but taste definitely different.