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Shichimi tōgarashi

Shichimi tōgarashi

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Shichimi is an ancient Japanese spice mixture, which is nowadays mainly used as a rub, in addition to its traditional application as a topping, including for noodles. Shichimi is on the greasy side because it contains sesame seeds.

Shichimi means 'seven flavours', referring to the seven ingredients. The sharpness of shichimi is controlled with the help of the two peppers in the mixture: tōgarashi (chili pepper) and sanshō. The first is a standout element in Japanese cuisine, which has no chili tradition. Initially it was only used in Chinese medicine, shichimi too, hence.

In shichimi tōgarashi, the chili (tōgarashi) sets the tone. The sharpest shichimi tōgarashi is referred to as 'ogara'. In Kyoto, the slightly milder shichimi tōgarashi supplied by us is the standard. It contains proportionally more sansho and less chili. There is also a black variety called kuro shichimi. This contains black pepper instead of chili pepper, and only black sesame seeds. Kuro shichimi therefore has a taste palette that combines excellently with red meat, tofu and white rice.

Shichimi  was first prepared in the early seventeenth century in Edo (today's Tokyo) according to the techniques of Chinese medicine. The creator is said to be Karashiya Tokuemon, owner of a spice shop in the Ryogoku Yagenbori district. This shop still exists and, like many similar shops in the city, sells a variety of shichimis.

Sichimi tōgarashi contains:

  • tōgarashi
  • sansho
  • shiso leaf
  • black and/or white sesame seeds
  • citrus peel (yuzu)
  • nori ,
  • nigella (hemp seed) and
  • ginger

Odor and taste

This shichimi, although spicy, is relatively mild for a shimichi tōgarashi, due to the pleasant balance between the sharp chili and the pungent sansho. You can make an accent difference by adding either chili or sansho yourself. Both are available in our webshop.


You use shimichi tōgarashi as a topping for noodles such as udon and soba, oden, nabe and tempura. In addition, shichimi tōgarashi is very suitable as a rub for white meat (pork and chicken) or tuna. Also combines well with pumpkin, avocado, fried Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes!
With chicken and salmon, a mayonnaise enriched with shichimi is delicious!


  • mix as described above: tōgarashi (chili pepper), sanshō, shiso leaf, black and white sesameseeds, citrus peel, nori , nigella (hemp seed) and ginger
  • origin: Japan


  • available in glass and pouch (no test tubes)
  • glass jar contains 60 grams
  • stand-up pouches with a content of up to 30 to 250 grams
  • larger quantities on request

Allergen information

  • this shichimi has been carefully crafted in the UK
  • the mixture contains sesame, and may contain traces of celery and mustard

Gift Wrap

  • the jar is available in a tasteful gift box, consisting of a cube box filled with black tissue paper
  • for an overview of our gift packaging, please refer to the category gift packaging


    • keep your shichimi in closed packaging
    • preferably store in a dark, dry and cool place
    • best before June 2025 (06/25)
    • this best before date is an indication
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