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Test tubes

Test tubes

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To give you the opportunity to try out several peppers, we offer a large number in test tubes. Also nice to give as a gift, such as in the luxury gift box with two F&S pepper mills (with two tubes).

The tubes are made of plastic and are hermetically sealed with a plastic cap. The content of the tubes is 8-10 ml.

The amount by weight of a spice in a test tube depends on three factors:

  • the specific gravity of the pepper
  • the size of the dried berries or seeds
  • the shape characteristic

Due to this, the weight amount may differ. We have taken this into account when setting the price (average € 1.75).

The tubes are samples. Due to the small size of the test tube it is not possible - and not required - to provide it with an elaborate label. The tubes are provided with the name of the pepper, for more information we refer you to the product pages of the peppers on this site.

Can I also order multiple tubes?

Yes. Add the tubes of your choice to your shopping cart one by one.

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