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Mini pepper mill with push mechanism

Mini pepper mill with push mechanism

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You will experience, this gadget is not only eye-catching, but also very practical! It is suitable for grinding all types of peppercorns (white, black and red), and the contents are visible through the perspex window. Ideal for on the table! And to enjoy for years to come.

This pepper mill is not a professional mill, and due to its method of grinding (grating) it is not suitable for intensive use, such as in the kitchen. It is destined for grinding dry peppercorns and to make it suitable for grinding dry coarse salt.

The dimensions of the mill are:

  • height approx. 150 mm
  • diameter 27.5mm

The mill is standard for both pepper (grains) and salt and is equipped with a button with the letter "P". For specific use as a salt grater, a limited number of shafts available with the designation "S". We have these in limited edition.

The mini-mill is less suitable for grinding so-called 'Szechuan peppers'. The berries of the Szechuan peppers are open and the seed coat can also be a bit tough and cannot be included (you regularly make an empty move).
But it's possible! Roast the Szechuan pepper until crispy beforehand. Also applies to raye timur, sansho etc.

General operation

The mechanism consists of a shaft with a rasping surface that is pushed through an opening, simply by pressing the button with the thumb, like a ballpoint pen.

If the mill falters - this can happen when many small fractions 'pile up', turn the mill upside down for a moment and shake the contents up and down while pressing the grater (loosely) several times. Then it does t definitely again.

If that is not the case, it may be the result of not enough pepper in the container. Even if the grinder only contains small fragments during use, it is possible that the grater does not 'catch' them. In both cases, it helps to turn the mill over first, and top it up with new pepper if necessary.

Filling the mill

Unscrew the bottom segment, and fill the container upside down for no more than 50%, until the pepper is visible in the window of the container. Keep the axle as centered as possible so that the unscrewed segment can be replaced without forcing it. Do not tighten it unnecessarily. This is not necessary and can damage the screw thread.

Maintenance of the mill

The mill requires hardly any maintenance. If you want to clean the container, unscrew it. Wash the grinder with lukewarm soapy water, not in the dishwasher. Assemble the grinder once all parts are completely dry.


Peppers contain essential oils. As a result, deposits can form on the inside of the container, making it opaque. This is unavoidable, and is especially common with white peppers, voatsiperifery, and Szechuan peppers.

Very occasionally small hairline cracks appear in the acrylic. These can be the result of prolonged exposure to UV light (to preserve the quality of the pepper, never place your pepper mill in direct sunlight). These cracks are known as 'stress cracks'.


A warranty period of 1 year applies to the functioning of this product. This excludes the loss of clarity of the perspex container and/or the occurrence of hairline cracks, as described above.

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