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Long đắk lắk pepper

Long đắk lắk pepper

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This almost sweet, but quite sharp long pepper is a pepper that can compete with many black peppers. He comes from Đắk Lắk (Dak Lak), a province in western Vietnam, on the Cambodian border. Đắk Lắk is located in the Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên).

Long pepper was used as a medicine by the Greeks and Romans. Until the twelfth century, long pepper was the spice in Europe, according to tradition mainly used to mask the harsh taste of the meat. It was quite an expensive spice. In the first century AD, the price of long pepper was twice that of white pepper and four times that of black pepper.

In the fourteenth century, a true pepper battle arose in which all colonial powers were involved. There was soon no room for long pepper, supplanted by black pepper, and later, with the discovery of the New World, on the sharp side by chili peppers.

The long pepper has always remained popular in Southeast Asia. The most special long peppers come from this part of the world, from Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan. Outside of Asia, the Cape pepper grows in large parts of the African continent, especially in the east and south of Africa.

The plant it grows on is a long pepper of the Indian type, Piper longum. It grows on a small, no more than a meter high, climbing plant. It has broad, green leaves and scaly spikes 5-8 cm long, resembling willow catkins. Very small flowers are hidden under these scales in the spring, from which the seeds later emerge. These are about the size of a poppy seed.

Odor and taste

This long pepper is quite sharp, especially for a pepper of this type. The taste and smell of long pepper is complex, especially of the ripe peppers. However, the majority of these long peppers were picked immature.


The dried pepper is quite hard and seems difficult to process, but if you first break the pepper or cut it into pieces, it can easily be ground or mortared. The smell of ground long pepper is definitely overpowering, very aromatic. Is compared to that of False cardamom (korarima): sour sweet. In the Vietnamese long pepper, the sweet clearly predominates.


  • 100% pepper berries from the Piper longum
  • origin: Đắk Lắk, Vietnam


  • available in glass and pouch (no test tubes)
  • glass jar contains 45 grams
  • stand-up pouches with a content of up to 30 to 300 grams
  • larger quantities on request

Gift Wrap

  • the jar is available in a tasteful gift box, consisting of a cube box filled with black tissue paper
  • for an overview of our gift packaging, please refer to the category gift packaging

General advice

  • use long pepper whole or broken. When you grind the pepper, grind your pepper shortly before use, and store what you have ground too much in a tightly closed jar.
  • whole or broken pepper is best used in stews, so that the pepper has time to integrate,
  • add ground long pepper to your preparation at the very last minute


  • keep your long pepper pepper in closed packaging
  • preferably store in a dark, dry and cool place
  • best before September 2025 (09/25)
  • this best before date is an indication
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