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CrushGrind© Kala black 17cm

CrushGrind© Kala black 17cm

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Crushgrind© spice mills are equipped with an unparalleled ceramic grinding system, designed and developed by the Dane Ken Muff Larsen. This windmill has a 'house' made of the plastic that Lego© also uses. Beautiful and extremely solid!

We chose the Kala because of the glass container and its timeless design, inspired by the flower of the angelica, the Calla palustris. Design: Henrik Casper.

The Kala is available in two versions: with a stainless steel housing, and this with a (black) plastic housing.

The Kala is intended for commercial and domestic use. It is a versatile grinder, as you can use it not only for pepper, but also for salt, a large number of spices, dried herbs and spice mixtures (or make your own mixture).

The grinding mechanism consists of a rotating ceramic element that was developed by the Danish company CushGrind©. The grinding mechanism CushGrind®25 is used in this mill. The addition 25 means that CushGrind gives no less than 25 years warranty on the grinding mechanism.

How the CrushGrind® works

To fill the mill, unscrew the glass beaker counterclockwise. After filling the glass and screwing the housing back on, adjust the grind if desired. You do this by turning the wheel, clockwise for a finer setting, counterclockwise for a coarser setting.

To grind the pepper, hold the mill upside down, with the glass beaker facing upwards. You make a rotating movement with the glass container.


If you want to change spices, grind some coarse (sea) salt to clean the ceramic part. When you unscrew the wheel with which you determine the grind, the grinding mechanism is released, if you still want to clean it.

Preferably do this with a hard, dry brush, even cleaning with water is allowed. Before doing so, read the instructions for use on the CrushGrind site. Make sure that the mechanism is completely dry when you use the mill again! The drying time of the porcelain is at least 24 hours.

English manual CrushGrind


In addition to the durable glass beaker and the durable grinding mechanism made of ceramic porcelain, the Crushgrind contains various plastic parts made of ABS (you know this from the Lego blocks, for example), polypropylene, polyethylene and polyacetol.


CrushGrind© gives a 25-year warranty on the ceramic element.


The mill is supplied in a printed cardboardtube.

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