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CrushGrind© Billund nutmeg mill

CrushGrind© Billund nutmeg mill

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This green nutmeg mill belongs to the Crushgrind© Billund series and, just like the spice mills in this series, is made of bio-composite material. Thanks to the razor-sharp  blades, you can easily grind hard nuts and seeds,  such as nutmeg.

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For this eight-centimetre-high Billund - the smallest in the series - the mini-figures of Lego were the model, just like for the spice mills. Lego is the common thread through the designs of Crushgrind (Lego plastic is used for the black Kala), this time by Sam(uel) Murley of the Danish concept developer Ideas.

The mill is made with a biocomposite (biobased plastic) with cellulose fibers from certified wood - mainly coniferous wood -  that has been felled from sustainably managed forests. It has a low CO2 footprint in contrast to biomaterials made from edible crops. The biocomposite used for the Billund does not compete with the food production chain.

The biocomposite is based on almost 100% renewable materials with two main components:

  • cellulosic fibres,
  • liquid rosin (called tall oil), a residue from pulp production


When you take out the rotating part, you see a spacious container, also suitable for larger nuts, so you no longer have to fit and measure. The laser-cut 'grater' - also known under the brand name Microplane - does not grate, but cuts wafer-thin layers.

The designer has provided the mill, just like the classic nutmeg grater, with a storage space for the nut in use, so that it can be stored airtight after grating, so that the mill takes on its compact shape, as shown here.

See this short Youtube video from Crushgrind how the nutmeg mill works.

Dimensions of the grinder:

  • height: 76mm
  • diameter : 57.5 mm


The mill is delivered in a cardboard box with a printed wrapper.

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