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Baharat (Baharat)

Baharat (Baharat)

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Bahārāt is a spice mixture that is not only used in the Middle East, but also in other Arab cuisines, including North Africa.

Bahārāt is believed to have originated because the nomadic Bedouins supplemented their herbal mixture whenever they encountered new herbs and spices. As a result, there is not one Bahārāt, but many variants of this herbal mixture circulate in the Arab world, each with a slightly different 'touch', but based on the same ingredients. A related mixture is fulful bhrat used in the preparation of Kibbeh.

The mixture is peculiar to the entire Mashriq, which are the Arabic-speaking countries east of Libya, and to Turkish and Kurdish cuisine. Outside we see a simple bahārāt in Tunisia, one of the countries in the Maghreb, which consists only of dried rose buds, cinnamon and black pepper.

In Turkey, bahārāt is used to season kofte and pilafs, and mint is therefore added to it. Saffron and dried black lime (loomi) are also added in the countries bordering the Gulf of Persia.

In a Bahārāt the following ingredients are used:

  • pul biber
  • black pepper and/or
  • long pepper
  • coriander seed
  • cloves
  • pimento
  • cinnamon
  • green cardamom
  • rose petals


Shahmirzadi tah chin (rice cake with lamb) - Persian cuisine - ourfood

Smell and taste

This bahārāt has a very warm taste, making it suitable for various applications, dishes with or without meat, soups and stews, all kinds of meat, birds and fish. Bahārāt is an excellent rub.


  • our bahārāt contains: cayene pepper, black pepper coriander seed, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, green cardamom
  • contains no preservatives and/or salt
  • origin: Mashriq

Allergen information

  • this bahārāt has been carefully compiled in the United Kingdom
  • the mixture may contain traces of celery and mustard


  • available in glass and pouch (no test tubes)
  • glass jar contains 60 grams
  • stand-up pouches with a content of up to 30 to 150 grams
  • larger quantities on request

Gift Wrap

  • the jar is available in a tasteful gift box, consisting of a cube box filled with black tissue paper
  • for an overview of our other gift packaging, please refer to the section  gift packaging 


  • keep your bahārāt in closed packaging
  • preferably store in a dark, dry and cool place
  • best before May 2025 (05/25)
  • this best before date is an indication

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