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Our website uses two types of cookies: functional cookies and analytical cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your own computer or on a third-party computer, depending on the type of cookie. Note: we do not use cookies for marketing purposes!

Laws and regulations

The law states that an information and consent obligation (opt-in) applies to certain cookies. An opt-in means that we ask the user of the site for permission in advance to use cookies. However, this does not apply to all types of cookies.

Cookies that are essential for the optimization of the website do not require consent, as they improve the user-friendliness of the website if they are stored exclusively on the user's computer. /visitor are stored, inaccessible to the publisher/owner of the site.

For our use of statistical cookies, we must at all times ask you for your explicit consent. We do this by means of the banner at the bottom of the page, and the cookies popup screen. You can uncheck the blue checkmark in the popup screen if you do not consent to analytical cookies, and give us permission by leaving the blue checkmark selected. Until that moment, the analytical cookies are disabled in any case .

You can change your preference at any time and delete the cookies placed on your computer from your computer. How this works differs per browser. The Consumers' Association has drawn up a simple step-by-step plan for each browser.

Which cookies do we place?

In the cookie overview below you can read which cookies we use. use, who places it (we or a third party), what the purpose of the cookie in question is, what the retention period is, and whether a cookie is necessary or not and the consequences of not accepting the cookie in question.

PHP customer-session-id (PHPSESSID)

The PHPSESSID cookie allows the website to store serialized status data. It is a temporary cookie that is used during a visit to the site and is deleted when the visitor ends their visit. This cookie is mainly used for security reasons.

Cookieconsent_status and cookieconsent_preferences_disabled

Both of these cookies keep your preferences for the use of cookies on our site  on your computer (2 years)

Language and currency

These two cookies track your preferences for language (semi-automatic) and currency (automatic) on your computer.

Google analytics

The cookies below are placed on behalf of our site by Google analytics for analytical purposes. The data that Google Analytics collects is only used to analyze how often a visitor revisits the website, how the website is found (from advertisements or other websites), and which pages are viewed the most. For more information about these cookies, we refer to the site of Google analytics. The data that GA collects is stored anonymously on Google's server(s). Between brackets is how long the relevant cookie is stored.

_ga (2 years) , _gid  (24 hours), _gat (1 minute) 


Onwebchat stores the global location data that the browser has stored in the http_referer (10 days)


When permission is granted is by  checking "keep me sign in" (onWebchat) the user's email address  (60 days)

updated on February 2, 2022

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